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Buying Your First Car? Here Are Some Things To Consider.

Whether you’re in the market for a new KIA or a certified pre-owned KIA Konfidence vehicle, there is no doubt that buying your first car is an extremely exciting moment. That excitement can last a long time or be shortlived depending on the approach you take when it comes to finding your car of choice.

Here are some considerations to help you navigate the the car purchase process in order to avoid potential pitfalls.

Consideration 1: Assess your transportation needs.

South Africans love cars. In fact, it is said that almost a third of South African households own a vehicle. This statistic comes as no surprise when considering the safety, convenience and freedom that comes with car ownership. These benefits aside, car ownership and maintenance can be costly, so its important to first do an assessment on whether other modes of transport match your needs and your budget. Doing so requires vigorous research which may refute or confirm your need for a vehicle.

Consideration 2: Do your research.

If other forms of transport are definitely not a consideration, you can move on to considering your automotive options. Its important to set out your criteria in terms of overall cost, fuel economy, vehicle safety and space, and to then stick to it, as this will ensure you’re not swayed by flashy models or extras which can put a strain on your budget.Key purchase considerations in the research phase include price, new or used, space, fuel consumption, safety, service plan, warranty and insurance.

Consideration 3: Finance.

Once you’ve found the vehicle that fits your criteria and have test driven it, then it may be time to look at financing it. When it comes to financing your vehicle, its advisable to understand the key concepts relating to vehicle finance . Doing so will empower you to negotiate a competitive finance agreement that fits your budget. Be sure to shop around for a favourable finance agreement. Over and above this, always be sure to leave some room within your budget to accommodate costs like insurance and value added products like scratch and dent repairs.

Consideration 4: Documentation

Once you’ve found the right vehicle for you,ensure you have the relevant documentation on hand. You will need to provide your chosen dealer with your driver’s licence, latest payslip and three months’ bank statements. If you do not have a licence, it will not be possible for you to receive financing for your vehicle.

Consideration 5: Choose Reputable Dealers 

Its advisable to purchase your new or pre-owned vehicle from a reputable brand and dealership network like KIA Konfidence,where all vehicles meet stringent parameters and are backed by the KIA Konfidence promise, which includes a 125  point check, full franchise service history, balance of manufacturer warranty, independent quality assurance certification, 12 months’ roadside assistance and a 30 day/1000km exchange policy.

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