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Avoid Car Break-ins With These Tips

Car break-ins are on the rise, prevent your vehicle from becoming a target with a little bit of vigilance and these tips courtesy of Wheels24.


• Do not leave valuable items of value lying in full view on car seats. Always make sure that your possessions are safely locked away in the boot when you are driving and whenever your car is parked in a public area.

• Park your car in a secure parking lot where there are lots of other vehicles.

• Lock your car when driving and when leaving it parked.

• Empty your car at the end of each day to avoid it becoming cluttered with stuff that could be eye candy to a criminal.

• Install window safety film. Not only will it serve as protection against potential smash and grab attacks but if you use a tinted film, it makes it more difficult for would-be criminals to see into the vehicle – especially at night.

• Watch out for car remote jammers. Once you have locked your car, physically check the doors that it is actually locked.

Learn more about the latest car break in statistics at Wheels24.

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